Because a man has to be a sociopath to love a woman with cellulite. 
Fuck this world. 

If all residents of hell look like Scarlett Johansson, I renounce my atheism and take up Satanism

whoever wrote this needs to be punched. a lot.

breaking news: man somehow isn’t repulsed at the sight of his beautiful, talented girlfriend because she has a bumpy texture on a bit of her legs

This just in: reporter unaware of how the female human body stores fat, having never seen one up close before.

If that’s what Hell looks like, I feel better about inevitably going there

I’ll take a first class ticket to hell please.

I’m pretty sure this is meant to be satirical 

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"you can’t blame all white people for slavery" and you can’t blame all muslims for 9/11 but that don’t stop you

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male celebrities for Emma Watson’s #heforshe

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*steals ur credit card*

hasta la visa

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This is… oddly uplifting?

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It’s amazing that the heart makes no noise when it cracks. —Robert Cormier, Heroes  (via cleamour)
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Here for this headline

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some kid in my class wrote an essay about how it never explicitly says Beowulf isn’t a robot

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